High-Flying Anthony Young Crashes & Burns

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High-Flying Anthony Young Crashes & Burns

Anthony Young of Young Oil Faces 57 Years in Prison


March 18, 2014.  Tompkinsville, Kentucky.  Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. representing 35 of the 200 investors defrauded out of $20 million by Anthony Young and his company, Young Oil, has successfully fulfilled its promise to its clients. Anthony Young has pled guilty and will be sentenced on July 17, 2014. It has taken 5 long years to fulfill this specific promise, but Anthony Young is now facing up to 57 years in prison.

Anthony Young, known affectionately as “Punk” for his mullet hairstyle, has been living life large on his investor’s funds.  He had a jet, a helicopter, a corvette and the biggest belt buckle he could find, to name just a few of his many, many expensive toys.  His investors, however, were constantly being told wild tales of becoming wealthy and many other lies by “Punk” and his alleged outlaw telemarketing staff of thugs, drug addicts and low life’s. This is an all too common characteristic for private placement investment offers.

Colt Ledger said, “The real tragedy here, aside from the victim’s plight, was the fact that the actual culprits that really brought about the wholesale destruction of so many families, the telemarketing trash of Young Oil, is not going to prison!  In fact, they have scammed the money from the Young Oil victims and are free to continue to ply their trade with the numerous oil and gas scams found throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. These unscrupulous thugs make their money, like a Boa Constrictor, they curl up next to the victims with verbal pictures of wealth and by the time the victim realizes it is all a lie, the Boa has wrapped itself around the victim and squeezed the financial life out of his victim.  These individuals have no empathy, sympathy, mercy or compassion for their victims.”

Andrew Wolfson of the Louisville Courier-Journal reported in 2011, “that Young was one of at least 29 Kentucky-based oil and gas men who had been sanctioned for fraud or other securities violations since 2004, and that six of them had been convicted of fraud and other crimes in federal courts.”

Wolfson reported, “Young’s plea was announced by U.S. Attorney David Hale and the case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Calhoun. It was investigated by the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions, the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

This is indeed a sad commentary for the State of Kentucky.  These “wrist slapping” securities penalties that are handed out so rarely by Kentucky Securities apparently only further encourage violations or send the violators scurrying over State lines so they can continue to prey on victims nationwide.  Kentucky appears to have failed to mount any substantial securities and criminal fraud prosecution in years. There have been hundreds, if not thousands of “scam wells” drilled in Kentucky with little or no legal recourse.

It is our opinion that the apparent, lackadaisical enforcement of securities and criminal fraud associated with the drilling of “scam wells” in Kentucky, appear, at least, in part to several out of state promoters moving their operations to Kentucky.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. said they were anxiously awaiting the length of the sentence Mr. Young would receive given the extremely light and ineffectual sentence given by the Federal Court to the best known oil and gas fraudster in Kentucky, David Rose.  Mr. Rose, facing years and years in prison, received a sweet, 54 month deal and was ordered to pay back his victims $3 million dollars of the hundreds of millions he stole.  We have found no one who has ever received any money from this farcical deal despite David Rose’s immense wealth obtained through legally confirmed and documented fraud.

However, since the State of Kentucky has announced that it will not seek any funds from Mr. Young’s “estate” due to the fact that they do not wish to interfere with the “secured” creditor’s claims, it appears that the Feds and the State of Kentucky have no interest in the plight of Anthony Young’s victims.

When Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. contacted the Federal Court’s Office of the Victim Advocate with regard to their client’s interest, they were told that the victim advocate’s office would deal only directly with the victims. It appears that we will have to wait for the sentencing and apparently the Office of the Victim Advocate to see just how the victims are directly dealt with.

Mr. Ledger explained that the founding reason he started his company, now the premier private investigation firm in the world that specializes in private placement securities and criminal fraud, was due to the fact that he felt that there should be someone directly opposing the con artist and his league of thugs who also possessed the same qualities found permeating these reprobates, that of no empathy, no sympathy, no mercy, and no compassion for them.

Mr. Ledger stated, “Our stated goal is simple; recover the money or put them in prison, and hopefully, their families under a bridge in a cardboard box! And, by God, we intend to do just that with every single one of these sorry SOB’s!”

Anthony Young is done, and now we move our investigations to Gary B. Smith, Charles and Robert Couch, Lora Langemeier, The Rose Family, Alan Murrell, John Seale, Timothy Burroughs, Jay Young, Steve Larkin, Bob Burr, Garry and Bill Stapleton, John Burness, and literally, a cast of thousands of others possibly involved in what might appear to be  ALLEGED private placement oil and gas, movie, real estate, mining, precious metals, Forex, pre-IPOs, technology, and various other scams. Of course, this is not an indictment against these fine people, it is our opinion expressed as possible allegations as yet not substantiated or confirmed by the proper authorities and all are to be considered innocent of all wrong doings until proven otherwise in a legal forum.

If you wish to find out more about Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., contact them at coltledger@coltledger.com, or call 270-407-5041.

If you would like more information on Wolfson’s story on Young, click here to read more, or contact Andrew Wolfson at (502) 582-7189.

Also, visit the following for more information on Young’s case:




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