Richard F. Neeley, Former Chief Justice of the WV Supreme Court Proves to be Legally Inept, Incompetent & Extremely Ignorant of WV Law

Charleston, WVIn a recent legal decision, United States District Court Judge, Joseph R. Goodwin took former Chief Justice Richard F. Neeley to Law School so to speak.  Judge Goodwin, in his final decision, appeared to infer, on numerous occasions, that Mr. Neeley was substituting his own personal opinion as well as a very faulty interpretation for the actual law.  Judge Goodwin dramatically struck down any and all arguments made by the apparently ignorant Mr. Neeley.  After the spanking Mr. Neeley received regarding the above mentioned case, one must wonder exactly what classes Neeley actually attended at Yale University.

It appears that Mr. Neeley has basically created not to mention filed a baseless lawsuit.  He then attempted to defend a position that was entirely frivolous from inception and apparently entirely void of any acceptable legal knowledge and/or basis. One can only surmise that actions such as these were possibly devised for the sole purpose of “milking” billing hours from Mr. Neeley’s extremely wealthy client, Ryan E. M. Cunningham, President of Cunningham Energy, LLC.  However, this line of thought could possibly lead someone to thinking that Neeley was conducting himself in an unethical manner. Yet Judge Goodwin never accused Mr. Neeley of such an infraction.

Mr. Ryan E. M. Cunningham and Cunningham Energy, LLC, are currently under investigation by Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. the nation’s premier private investigation firm specializing in State and Federal Securities and Criminal Fraud.  CLA is investigating Cunningham for alleged Elder Financial Fraud, Money Laundering, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, etc., etc., etc.

Colt Ledger released the following statement, “It is my opinion, based on known facts which are at my disposal, that this lawsuit was the brainchild of Richard F. Neeley and his client, Ryan Cunningham as an attempt to threaten and intimidate a very dissatisfied Cunningham client. This seems to be an attempt to keep said client from expressing his total and complete dissatisfaction with Mr. Cunningham’s business practices.”

“Unfortunately, it is apparent that Mr. Cunningham placed entirely too much trust in his “legal monkey”. And the decision made by Mr. Cunningham to attack his own client has essentially backfired on Cunningham with the embarrassing performance displayed by Mr. Neeley.  Now they must face the filing of a massive number of State and Federal Securities along with Criminal Fraud complaints by Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc., against Ryan E.M. Cunningham and Cunningham Energy, LLC.

When inquired about Mr. Neeley’s court performance, Colt Ledger, owner of Colt Ledger & Associates, Inc. said, “If Neeley is the finest legal representation the Cunningham fortune can buy and the authorities decide to move on the alleged victim’s complaints, My only thought is I hope Mr. Cunningham likes orange.”

Mr. Neeley’s destruction and demise at the hands of Judge Goodwin was utterly complete.  This was clearly demonstrated by the court’s Conclusion, “For the reasons discussed above, the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss [Docket 3] is GRANTED. The court ORDERS that judgment be entered in favor of the defendants and that this case be dismissed and stricken from the docket of this court.”  If you care to read Judge Goodwin’s decision visit for the complete ruling.

Mr. Ledger noted, “We have had interactions with attorneys such as Mr. Neeley on a couple of occasions.  These types of attorneys are likely the reason there are so many lawyer jokes.  However, Neeley, personally has proven himself to be extremely competent as well as ept at lying and distorting the truth. The fact that he has proven himself to be utterly useless regarding matters dealing with the law cannot be, in my opinion, surprising to anyone who knows him.  I, personally, am extremely happy that Mr. Neeley is on the other side of the table representing Cunningham.  Due to this the future of the alleged victims of Ryan Cunningham appears to be even brighter.”

Mr. Ledger did raise some personal concerns regarding the people of West Virginia, “However, in spite of Mr. Neeley’s laughable performance in court, I think that there is a much more significant not to mention potentially damaging consequences for the people of West Virginia with regard to Neeley.”

“Richard F.  Neeley is a retired Chief Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court! Consider the implications of that fact when reviewing Judge Goodwin’s decision.  A Chief Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court who appears completely ignorant of West Virginia law and its application!  Neeley is apparently, from what I interpret from Judge Goodwin’s decision, a person prone to whimsical interpretations of the law without rhyme, reason or legal basis.  Mr. Neeley appears to be making legal decisions based on nothing more substantial than a faulty thought process. I would think that the people of West Virginia are pleased and relieved that Mr. Neeley is gone. The next question that arises is how damage has Mr. Neeley perpetrated against the citizens of West Virginia?”

“If I was a resident of West Virginia and if Mr. Neeley was involved in any legal opinion or decision, as the Chief Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court that went beyond what he put in his morning coffee, I, personally, would be immediately requesting a sweeping investigation into his tenure.”

In closing our interview, Colt Ledger stated, “Of course, all of my comments, herein, are simply my personal opinion. We will allow the proper authorities to decide if Mr. Cunningham should face any consequences for his alleged activities. However, always remember the fact that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.”


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