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ScamVent is a private organization, donation funded and volunteer staffed, dedicated to providing public records of State and Federal Securities’ enforcement activities to the investing public. All individuals and/or organizations found herein are considered innocent until proven otherwise in a proper legal forum. A securities violation does not, alone, constitute, nor should it, solely, ever be considered, “criminal activity”. However, “criminal activity” can be associated with securities violations. See our Scam Guide for more information on protecting yourself from scams.


We encourage anyone who suspects they have been a victim of a scam to contribute to this forum. Here are some guidelines:

  • Use the search box to see if any red flags for the company or individual has already been posted.
  • If posts have been made, then post a reply to share your experience.
  • If no posts have been made, then feel free to add your own topic.
  • Be careful to simply share your experience and the facts of what happened. Do not make any potentially slanderous or libelous statements.

Disputing a Post

If you find yourself or your company listed and believe it to be in error, please contact us. Before doing so, you should also read and understand our terms and conditions.

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