Alan Derek Jernigan

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    Our research into Alan Derek Jernigan has turned up one or more ‘red flags’ or violations.

    These violations, not the violators, have, in the past, been associated with other individuals/companies involved in alleged State and Federal securities and criminal violations and/or fraud.

    A Brazoria County grand jury on June 5 indicted Alan Derek Jernigan of Lakeway on charges of securities fraud, money laundering, and aggregated theft for the alleged offer for sale and sale of investments in deals to export medical test kits to foreign countries. The indictment alleges that Jernigan sold nearly $463,000 worth of investment contracts while misrepresenting that his company had secured exportation contracts. The indictment also alleges that Jernigan failed to disclose to investors a previous bankruptcy filing and an unpaid civil court judgment in Maryland that stemmed from another investment program related to the sale of medical kits.

    Some of the ‘red flags‘ include:

    If you have had any experience with this company or individuals, pro or con, please login or register and make your reply below to comment regarding your experience.

    The above statement and/or violations should not be considered as an accusation against the company or individuals cited. Everyone is considered innocent until proven otherwise in a legal forum.

    If you are interested in more information regarding these violations, please contact us.

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