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    Alexander, Anthony & Brown, Inc.

    Our research into Alexander, Anthony & Brown, Inc. has turned up one or more ‘red flags’ that have, in the past, been associated with other individuals/companies involved in Intrastate and/or Interstate Securities violations, and even possible criminal activity. This is in no way to be considered an accusation against Alexander, Anthony & Brown, Inc.. If you have invested with Alexander, Anthony & Brown, Inc., please comment below with your experience.

    Disclaimer: posts information about investments with the intention of building the largest online database available of possible fraudulent investments. Many of the companies listed at appear to be involved in investment scams or frauds, including elderly fraud, which involves securities, commodities and criminal violations. Some of the companies listed here have been accused and/or found guilty of selling private placement, high risk, unregistered securities through unregistered agents utilizing cold calling or general solicitation of potential victims. Some of the things we look for are Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, money laundering, extortion, Cease and Desist Orders, misrepresentation, omission, mail fraud, wire fraud, criminal records, civil litigation, bankruptcy, bankruptcy fraud and much more. and all associated organizations and individuals are not responsible for comments added to our posts. If you disagree with any content herein please provide physical proof of your stated error in writing. All parties are considered innocent until proven otherwise.


    Mrs. Spencer

    My elderly mother invested $175,000.00 with Alexander, Anthony and Brown. They told her they would giver a certain percentage each month, for up to one year. After the year was over they stopped the checks and never gave her, her money back.

    We took them to court to recover the money and they never showed up. They ended up in default and we have yet to recover the judgement.

    They are frauds!

    My Mom refinanced her home to invest this money to pay medical bills. Now she can’t event live in her house. She has to rent it to pay back the money she took out in equity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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