CASE Charging fees in the thousands for same service Ripoff Revenge has $21.95

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    Is Consumer Advocates Services Enterprise (CASE) charging fees in the thousands for same services offered by “Ripoff Revenge” for $21.95?

    Consumer Advocates Services Enterprise (CASE), located at 5500 E. Atherton St, Suite 325, Long Beach, CA 90815 offers a self-help collection method for its clients for very hefty fees:

    “We provide self-help services to those who feel they have been defrauded by investment scams, pre-IPO’s, lottery scams, and all other forms of fraud. We are dedicated to helping you get your hard-earned money back.”

    I recently received a call from CASE about disputing and recovering a loss, I had suffered, by utilizing an instructional process that would allow me to possibly recover my losses, through my own efforts. The young man quoted a price of a few thousand to participate in their program, which seemed reasonable, at the time.

    However, I found a “Ripoff Report” associated with CASE while doing some research on the company. The post regarding CASE was not particularly disturbing but there was an advertisement for “Ripoff Revenge,” offering, what appeared to be, a very similar service to CASE for only $21.95! Now, that got my attention!

    Once I contacted “Ripoff Revenge,” I was surprised that the services offered aligned quite closely and “Ripoff Revenge” actually offered some additional services. I know I can get background checks regarding bankruptcy, criminal history, etc., for less than $50 off dozens of websites. “Ripoff Revenge” told me that if I were forced to file complaints at the State of Federal level it was free and the government agencies would help me with the filings.

    Ripoff Revenge, , offers the same services for $21.95!
    “This Do-It-Yourself Guide: How to get Rip-off Revenge™ ..and your money back too in most cases, is a detailed guide with 4 simple step by step instructions explained in detail with illustrations, photos and examples that will show you how to: Get Rip-off Revenge™ and Your money back too… and even more sometimes!”

    It appears that recovering a debt is, generally, a time consuming process. However, generally, it does not; require a research team of highly trained individuals or even a legal team, i.e., a lot of money. Although, you should at least speak with your attorney regarding any legal proceedings. You simply fill out a form stating the facts backed up by proof and most companies will want to settle. Those that do not, you can file a complaint free. However, after speaking with a couple of agencies, it appears that once you file a complaint it can take a long time to settle.

    Is CASE a rip-off? I have no idea, but I can venture $21.95 and a little sweat equity and see what the results are.

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