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Have you been the victim of a securities scam? Here’s are some questions that if you answer “yes” to any of them, you may very well be a victim:

  • Have you invested with a company that initially contacted you via a “cold call”?
  • When you were asked to invest, were you told this was a “sure thing” or that they “can’t miss”?
  • Were¬† you promised, even by suggestion, that there would be large returns over a short period of time?
  • Was your investment part of a Joint Venture?
  • After making your investment, was it hard reach/contact the company in which you made the investment?
  • If you were able to reach the company, did you receive excuse, after excuse, after excuse as to why your investment wasn’t bringing any results?

How the Securities Scam Works

A scam artist will form a shell company offering shares in a joint venture to produce wealth. He will then solicit investors to participate in the joint venture. The whole thing is cloaked in apparent legitimacy. They company may have drilling rigs, mineral leases, etc. The difference between it and a real prospecting company is there is no intention of actually making any money for the investors.

As soon as enough investors have been found or their scam has been discovered, the perpetrator will close the company, move to another state and start up again. The money collected will be often be difficult to locate or collect, having been moved offshore out of reach of most courts.

What to do if you have been a victim

The first thought most people have is to retain an attorney to sue the company or individual officers in an attempt to recover the money invested. In our modern court system, this approach rarely yields any meaningful results. Instead of actually collecting any money, the victim is usually shouldered with additional legal costs, and in the event a judgement is obtained, very little money is actually recovered.

There is another way to possibly recover your money. Colt Ledger & Associates is a private investigative firm that takes a unique hard-line approach to recover your money. Instead of taking civil legal action, Colt Ledger builds a criminal case against the scam artist. By rugged investigation, and a no-nonsense dealing with these individuals, this firm involves both the state and federal agencies against these fraudsters. This unique approach brings surprisingly successful results in many cases, and in those it does not, the perpetrator usually goes to prison, instead of living luxuriously while involving more victims in his scams.

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