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Based on the U.S. Supreme Court and many supportive cases it is our position, and that of our legal counsel, that we will immediately remove and issue a public apology for any false, libelous, slanderous, and/or defaming statement erroneously posted from and/or to our site/s, if the individual/organization making such complaint will provide irrefutable documentation of what is false, libelous, slanderous, and/or defaming about the statement/s or any part thereof. If the party fails to provide, within 10 days of their notice to us, such documentation or the documentation provided proves not to support their accusation, the post will remain in place and the objection, documentation, all correspondence and results will be posted as an update. In postings made by ScamVent.com, all material is believed to contain absolutely no actual malice or negligence contemplated or intended and the posting is considered, at the very least, substantially true.

The opinions expressed in the posts on this forum are not necessarily those of ScamVent.com, and ScamVent.com is to be excluded from any possible litigation resulting from any comments left on this board.

Disclaimer: ScamVent is a private donation funded and volunteer staffed, organization dedicated to providing public records of State and Federal Securities’ enforcement activities to the investing public. All individuals and/or organizations found herein are considered innocent until proven otherwise in a proper legal forum. A securities violation does not, alone, constitute, nor should it, solely, ever be considered, “criminal activity”. However, “criminal activity” can be associated with securities violations. For example, when offering “unregistered securities”, a company may violate Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933 by sending offering material to a prospective client, which can constitute mail fraud. Mail fraud is a “criminal activity” and can create a “cascading effect” that may lead to further “criminal activity”.

Therefore, a securities violation constitutes a “Red Flag” event at ScamVent and leads to a warning that the violation, not the violator, has been associated, in the past, with individuals/ organizations that have been involved in previous securities violations and possible criminal activity.

Anyone contemplating an investment should always scrutinize an offer very carefully before writing a check. Individuals and companies found on ScamVent should be considered in light of a securities violation, however, having a securities violation should not disqualify the investment; due diligence should disqualify an investment.
Hundreds of new posts are added weekly to ScamVent and errors do occur. Should an error occur, please notify us at svadmin@scamvent.com and explain the error. The post will be pulled and reviewed based on your explanation. No matter the final ruling you should be aware of several facts:

1. No attorney is requires to have a post removed for review.

2. If the post proves to be true, no attorney can prevent it from being posted.

3. If you or your attorney contacts our webhost, Hostgator, to have the post removed, we will remove it.

4. However, Hostgator will not allow us to “re-enable” the post. Therefore,

5. If the post is, indeed in error, we will not be allowed to post a public apology on our site as is our policy. The post will simply go away.

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